Executive Coaching

Own Your Results

The next time you are faced with an unexpected negative result, don’t think about blame- start with yourself, and discover what you could have done differently. Then learn from the negative experience. Lynn was in charge of a small advertising firm. As part of a Grand Opening initiative, Lynn’s client wanted flyers distributed to every…

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Choose Effective over Efficient

Consider how you plan your day.  Perhaps there is no plan.  Or perhaps there is a detailed plan that is quickly abandoned to solving urgent problems and dealing with critical issues. For many people, daily  activities are determined largely by email, telephone messages and people dropping by with their critical issues- that is, the priorities…

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Delegate one responsibility you have never been comfortable delegating before.  Whether large or small, stretch your comfort level.  But be sure to limit the risk and monitor the process not the results. Notice your own reactions. Remember, it is a learning experience for you as well! Example:  Max put the PowerStep principle into practice. One…

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